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"I sell & rent user-friendly and very comfortable horse trucks"

And Buy a 2-horse truck at Paardenwagentje.NL | MVV Horsetrucks? More and more horse people from the Netherlands and Belgium are finding their way to Paardenwagentje.NL | MVV Horsetrucks. Not because we have such a beautiful showroom, but because we always offer very nice and beautifully used horse trucks for sale, which are also very competitively priced according to price quality.

Buying a horse truck at Paardenwagentje.NL | MVV Horsetrucks is easy and so arranged, we are RDW recognized and can name the car here. You can already drive the horse truck with your B driving license. The 2-horse trucks are very user-friendly. Quickly go to the vet or to the lesson, or to the forest, or pick up or drop off a horse.

Paardenwagentje.NL | MVV Horsetrucks always works with high-quality horse trailers for sale and rental, including well-known brands such as TheaulT, Roelofsen, Anemone, Horsemobil, VTV, MTM, Barbot, Equitrek, Sodiak, Krismar, Stephex, ATM, etc .... It Buying a horse truck at paardenwagentje.NL is easy and arranged.

Buying today means driving today. Do you want to buy a horse car? You are welcome.

Please call in advance for a viewing appointment. You can call to buy or rent a horse truck: 0031 (0) 6-13840220. (Maurice van Vliet) Coffee is ready! Apply for a loan through Paardenwagentje.NL | MVV Horsetrucks is possible.


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